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The [fleXive]/CMIS connector

About CMIS

[fleXive] 3.1 Beta 1 contains an experimental snapshot of a CMIS connector based on Apache Chemistry. CMIS is Content Management Interoperability Services and attempts to define a standard set of web services for CMS-like systems to be exposed as AtomPub and SOAP.


The CMIS connector in 3.1 Beta is in a very early Alpha state. Only the most basic operations (repository information, tree browsing) work at all, performance can be pretty bad, etc. However, CMIS-SQL support should already be rather good, the CMIS-SQL search engine was written from scratch and supports table joins.

Accessing the AtomPub connector

The URL for the AtomPub connector is http://localhost:8080/flexive-atompub/cmis/repository

To connect use one of the freely available CMIS clients, we've been using CMIS Explorer and CMIS Spaces, both Adobe AIR applications.

Here you see a folder of images in CMIS Explorer.

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